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Healthy Grooming Guide

BEARD GAME MATTERS!! The popular trend of beards doesn’t take scientific data to see that the “Beard Gang” membership has skyrocketed. Growing a great looking beard seems to have very little historical reasons, and everything to do with swagger and style.

Of course, not everyone can grow an EPIC BEARD overnight. While there are tall tales of magical beard pills and potions for increasing overall hair growth, at the end of the day it comes down to healthy grooming habits and genetics. Here is a practical guide to follow to promote health beard growth:

1. Use an all-natural oil to condition your face and beard daily. The use of organic ingredients on your face and beard will be much healthier than the chemical additives used in most products bought at local retail stores.

2. Wash beard with an all-natural soap and only shampoo your beard every 3-4 days.

3. Use warm water to rinse beard. Use comb to gently combo dirt and build up from beard in shower daily

4. Communicate with barber to line beard up as thick/wide as possible in order to set growth guide.

5. Gently comb/brush beard to prevent beard breakage. Damaged split ends can stall beard growth.

6. Style your beard in a way (think combover) to hide patches. This will help keep your beard looking fuler until facial hairs fill in.

7. Routine beard massages improve blood circulation. As a result, facial hairs become softer, more heathly, and speed up growth process.

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